Sunday, January 31, 2010

I know it's been a long time but life is busy...

I know that this has been the longest period of inactivity on this blog for a very long time and I am sure that the miniscule readership that I previously had has now disappeared but with a bit of spare ime on my hands I thought it would be good to post this short message as a way of getting the ball rolling again and posting more often.

The BVC has been harder than I expected not in terms of complexity but purely in the absolutely mind blowing amount of work that is required by BPP. I must admit that there have been a few wobbles this term about whether or not this was a wise choice, however three VCs and an Outstanding in the recent round of assessments has helped. This has given me a new vigour and enthusiasm for the course, and with missing out on an outstanding in advocacy by very few marks (2% to be exact), I am determined to go the extra mile in the next assessments.

The big surprise of these marks was the outstanding for Legal Research which I was sure was going to be a pile of crap and score a low competent if that. Wonders never cease. Before I sign off I just wanted to let you know that the next post will be on the two recent cases involving mothers helping their children to die. I may also post on my impressions of the Chilcot inquiry.

All the best



Android said...

Well done! :)

The Curious Black Cat said...

Well let it NOT be said that BPP don't make you work for what you pay for! I'm still recovering from the LPC there.

Congrats on your assignment grades and keep the posts coming! Looking forward to the post on the cases involving mothers helping their children to die...


Bar-barella said...


You've done really well.
I too have found the BVC a challenge, and despite the many nay sayers (including a careers adviser) I intend to keep going.

Thanks for the honest post, much needed reading as I am revising for my MCTS.