Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The perfect poster boy for the Bar!

In the current climate of opening up the Bar to all comers and increasing diversity, along with the challenge of proving that the Bar is not an antiquated, outdated institution of privilege and snobbery, we have this twit making an absolute idiot of himself on national television in 'The Apprentice'.

Apparently this chap received an outstanding on his BVC. Well I'm afraid the only thing that he did tonight was to show himself to be an outstandingly incompetent fool.

I am firmly of the opinion that it should be best person for the job, but not only does he tick the box in every way as the stereotypical barrister (white, posh, male), he openly accused the other members of the team of not liking him because it was 'obvious that the team has split in to the educated and the uneducated'.

If you want a job with Alan Sugar, the last thing that you should do is go and boast about your academic qualifications, as he puts no stock in them whatsoever. I thought knowing your audience when presenting your case was a vital skill to learn as a barrister. I did not think much to his actual speaking either. He seemed nervous, out of his depth, and punctuated his talking with lots of 'well you know' and 'errm' and 'the thing is'.

As a final gripe (I am sorry but this guy has annoyed me beyond belief), what the hell is that stupid little bit of hair under his lip about? It looks like he either forgot to shave it, or a small furry animal has decided to live there.

My apologies for it being so long since the last post. However while I am here I can tell you that the meal at Lincolns Inn was splendid, and I ran another advice and advocacy session at the court by myself. Hoping to hear back from some mini pupillage applications fairly soon as well.

Until next time blog watchers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am sorry for the lack of posting but I have been very busy. This is not a long post but rather a sign that I have not disappeared from the face of the Earth, and I promise I shall write a much more substantial post in the near future.