Sunday, May 25, 2008

OK but could have been better

Just a quick note to say that my second year is finished and that EC was OK but not fantastic. I think that the last three questions were good but the first question was not good at all so I am expecting a low 60 which although a 2.1 will really drag down the average which is a bit of a shame.

However you always think you have done worse than you actually have so I might surprise myself. I am now looking forward to my weeks mini pupillage and then I am afraid I will be away for a very long time as...BoB is off to Australia for a month to visit his girlfriend and travel around.

I will then be returning with my girlfriend as she will have finished her second year as well, and returning to the wonderful world of outdoor clerking.

All the best


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Results and Exam Report

Well as can be seen to the right of this entry the results of the poll are in and 11 people have voted against the new robes compared to only 6 who think that they are a good idea. I must agree with the against votes and have also found the recent comments by many journalists rather amusing, who have likened the pictures of the current Chief Justice to an extra from Star Trek.

In other news I am currently two thirds of the way through my exams having completed Tort and Trusts. Tort went well and Trusts went even better so on gut instinct I am pleased so far. Only EC law left to contend with.

All the best


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm just not sure

These are the new civil robes to be worn by the judiciary. They are black with navy blue velvet trim, finished off with red bands. There is also no wig with these robes.
I am a very traditional kind of guy and one of the reasons I decided on going to the Bar is that the profession is so steeped in history and tradition. So part of me feels that it is a great shame that this change has happened.
However I am also practical and can see the argument that the old style of robes are impractical and inappropriate in civil law cases. So I am a little torn on whether I like them or not. Any comments are gratefully received and please vote on the little straw poll at the side.
All the best,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mid-Revision Update

The condensed revision sheets for each topic in each subject are finished and all that is left is to commit them to memory. I find it easiest to achieve this by reading, covering the page just read, and copying out from memory. It worked fairly well last year with three 65's and a 68 so I am hoping it will work just as well if not better this year.

The three exams this year are Tort, Trusts, and EC law, with contract law being examined on on piece of coursework which has already been handed in. The revising is obviously not being helped by the beautiful weather we are currently enjoying, but I have managed to resist saying to hell with it all and finding the nearest beer garden for a quiet drink with friends.

In other news I have secured a mini pupillage with a top specialist criminal law set in London. I was advised by a number of specialist criminal law sets at the recent pupillage fair that if you haven't got a purely criminal law mini pupillage under your belt they won't consider your application, and if you put down a preference for any other area of law than crime on your olpas form the same applies.

I have also bitten the bullet of poverty and sent off my application form and cheque (for £85) to join Middle Temple so expect me to become a regular visitor at dining. I will also be returning to my outdoor clerking job during the summer so watch out for more posts about the trials and tribulations entailed.

As a final point I am sure that most readers of my blog do, but if you don't then please head over to law minx's blog which has an absolutely hilarious post about a new award ceremony called the Freddies.