Wednesday, December 10, 2008

National Mooting Victory

Last night was the first round of the national mooting competition that my partner and I have entered.  We were the host institution so come 6 o'clock I was sat in the mock courtroom at the law school waiting for the moot to begin.

As lead counsel for the appellants I was the first to speak and after the brief spell of nerves that I experience at the beginning of every moot I got into the groove and put in a fine performance netting the joint highest score for all of the contestants that evening.  My partner also put in a stellar performance and I am very happy to say that we won.  We are now through to the next round so yet more work on top of that which I already have for my degree.

I am also doing a talk for the charity I do the court advocacy for at my law schools pro bono evening tonight, after which I am retiring to a local public house which was voted CAMRA's best pub in Britain a couple of years ago so plenty of good quality real ale to sup.  

All the best


Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Drinks and Mooting Comp

The season of Christmas cheer is now upon us and for many people this means it's time to drink your own weight in your preferred tipple before passing out in front of the Queen's Speech. With this most British of past times in mind I was wondering if anyone from the blawging community was up for a little Christmas drink in London.

I am back for a meeting on the afternoon of Saturday the 13th so am available all morning if anyone fancies a beverage or two or that evening. Please let me know at the brand spanking new e-mail address which is on the right of the blog and we can try arrange something which is convenient for all.

Secondly I am eyeball deep in moot preparation at the moment for a national mooting competition. The problem is really interesting and I am looking forward to being on my feet again and hopefully progressing through to the next round.

All the best, will post again soon,