Tuesday, July 28, 2009

As good a time as any...

Why is it that when you particularly need to get your head down and have a decent night sleep the state of blissful slumber steadfastly refuses to materialise?

I am sat here, my poor neglected readers (yes all two of you), totally unable to sleep. This is more of a problem than it would normally be as my friend will be arriving at 05:00 to pick me up in the car for our day trip to Minx land. Yes I am going to Wales to climb Snowdon, although whether we take the Pyg track (fairly easy) or the far more treacherous Crib Goch ridge depends upon the weather. Below is a video of the ridge on a nice day.

I am not the world's biggest fan of heights but I am sure it will be exhilarating once I am up there.
In other news I am finally a graduate, and in possession of a rather nice piece of paper that tells me I have been awarded a 2.i. I was also personally mentioned twice in the Chancellors speech during the graduation ceremony.
I have also, in the never ending quest to improve and strengthen my CV and skills, attended the FRU Social Security Training Day, which was a little boring towards the end, but generally interesting. It was also a useful exercise in meeting new people who will be on my course in September. I have completed the exam and await the result. All being well this will come soon so that I can at least have one case under my belt before the start of the BVC.
Last but not least, I also managed to fire off my first and only pupillage application to a non-oplas set. I am not sure what to expect but the Chambers specialises in an area of law in which I am familiar and have courtroom advocacy experience from my pro bono work. We shall see I suppose.
I hope that everyone is well, and that your applications meet with success. All the best,