Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pupillage Portal - The preparation begins.

The day is nearly upon us when once again Bar aspirants will pull on their Quidditch uniforms, sit astride their brooms, and try to catch the golden snitch of pupillage. I have made my 12 choices, printed the sample application form found here, and am currently filling a folder with research on the 12 chambers to which I shall be applying.

I thought that it might be helpful for others pursuing a criminal pupillage to reproduce the list I have made of purely criminal sets in London that as far as can be discerned for their websites or the Pupillage Portal are going to us the Pupillage Portal for their recruitment this year. This has been whittled down from the list of chambers which have crime as an element of their work to those who specialise only in crime.

It also shows (where applicable) which band they are in from the 2010 edition of Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession.

They are:

Dyers Buildings (Band 6)
Furnival Chambers (Band 5)
25 Bedford Row (Band 3)
1 Inner Temple Lane
18 Red Lion Court (Band 4)
Argent Chambers
2 Bedford Row (Band 1)
9 Bedford Row (Band 4)
9 - 12 Bell Yard (Band 4)
Blackfriars Chambers
Carmelite Chambers (Band 4)
Charter Chambers (Band 5)
Farringdon Chambers
187 Fleet Street (Band 5)
Atkinson Bevan Chambers (Band 5)
2 Hare Court (Band 2)
6 KBW - Chambers of David Fisher QC and David Perry QC (Band 1)
10 Kings Bench Walk
9 Lincoln’s Inn Fields (Band 6)
One Paper Buildings
Five Paper Buildings (Band 4)
QEB Hollis Whiteman (Band 2)
3 Raymond Buildings (Band 1)
3 Temple Gardens - Chambers of John Coffey QC
23 Essex Street (Band 5)

Please let me know if I have missed any out. All the best and good luck



Lost said...

6KBW (top set criminal crime, is actually chambers of David Perry QC and David Fisher ;) )

Best of luck with your applications

Law Minx said...

Some fine chambers there BoB; if I were of a mind toward a criminal pupillage, I think I'd run with 6 KBW, 18RLC 25BR 9-12BY ( V nice people) and 2HC. Are you going exculsively criminal or are you going to mix it up a bit?

Either way, all the very best for your upcoming endeavours!!!

simply wondered said...

simply the very best of luck - if my opinion is of any worth (ie not) 18rlc a very good set with some nice people - but just shoot off those apps and see what the world sends back.

Lost said...

In terms of what I know about the sets, and having known people at three of them.

6KBW - difficult and slightly conservative set, very traditional, very formal. Only seem to accept oxbridge. But also friendly as you will know.

18RLC - good friendly set of chambers. Quite a large criminal set aswell, which may mean there will always work to be done in forms of devilling.

9-12 bell yard - is full of nice people and a few utterly delightful nutjobs.

Anonymous said...

6KBW Sibghat Kadri QC is not in the Portal. Their deadline was the end of Jan. But otherwise, a handy list!

Bar or Bust said...

@ lost - I will make sure that I change that for 6KBW. I won't be applying there as although I secured a mini-pupillage there I had to cancel it for various reasons.

@ Minx - It is so wonderful to see that you are back. Two of the sets you have mentioned have made it into my final 12. I have decided that I only want to do crime thus the reason for a purely criminal chambers list. It also means that all of the permanent stuff on th form can have a criminal slant added.

@Simply - Thanks for the best wishes. Of course your opinion counts, I am sure that our political disagreements can be put to one side.

@Anon - Thanks for the tip, duly noted.

Bar or Bust said...

Oh and I agree about 18 RLC - Had an excellent mini pup there, very friendly set.

Lost said...

why not apply there?
They are unlikely to remember you!
I remember speaking to one member there who told me that they had actually walked out on a mini-pupillage half way through the week because it was so boring!

Wouldn't stress about it mate, and its a top crime set, which I think you should be aiming for!

simply wondered said...

oh bob - my opinion not being worth anything is not a reference to our apparently diametrically opposed politics - it's just that i'm almost always wrong about everything!
as i said, very best of luck. (even if you are a bloody tory)

Anonymous said...

Hello all (long time lurker).

This is completely off topic but there seem to be a good number of Middle Temple folk here.

I've just been awarded a Jules Thorn scholarship, question is: 'Is this any good? And does it even matter?'

I.e it's not the top award, but have I done well to get an award at all, I just don't know how many apply overall.

Also is all that matters that I can say Major Scholar on my forms (and the money)? I'm guessing chambers have no idea about the award hierachy beyond the fact that Queen Mother is best.

[P.s. are they ordered in terms of seniority on Middle's website, and thus mine is the second worst possible?]

Sorry if this seems grumbly.

Law Minx said...


I think you must count yourself lucky to be in reciept of a scholarship - you've beaten off roughly 500-600 others to get where you are, and its a major, so the inn has faith that you will prevail; however, you must capitalise on it and round out your cv with as much significant other experience as possible so that taken in the round, chambers will appreciate the faith that has been shown you by the inn.

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