Saturday, August 29, 2009

BPP Registration Drinks (Events dear boy, events!)

A very short post to invite any readers of this blog who will be starting at BPP on the 7th to a drinking session after registration. Anyone who is interested should e-mail me at:

barorbust at googlemail dot com

I look forward to meeting you on the 7th. I am in one of the lower numbered groups so will be registering form 11:30 onwards.

See you then



Lost said...

I would come along but I don't like BPP hah!!

Bob i've sent you a few emails can you check your accounts to see if you have got them??

CLG said...

Hi BoB,

Hope your first day at BPP has gone well. Had my induction last week as I am a part timer, but I enjoyed it. If your Advocacy LGS was anything like ours, then I'm sure you will have had a good time.


allaboutlawblog said...

How's the course going sir?!

Anonymous said...




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